Small Business Tip #2: The E-Myth by Michael Gerber and using

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Start off 2010 with a Bang!

Last week’s tip told you about and to help you use Networking to help you BUILD your business!  I have been out there networking and have been generating new relationships and will be starting off 2010 with a bang!  Hope to see you out there as well!  And don’t miss the end of my email about the networking group I am starting up – over 40 people have joined my group!

I decided I am going to give you a general Business Tip and a Tech Tip each week so that you have something to working on strategy wise and also tactical wise as well!

Business Tip of the Week

You MUST read this book:  “The E-Myth“.  This ‘E’ stands for Entrepreneur.   This book will help you DESIGN your company as a TRUE BUSINESS and not just a JOB!  You can download this as an e-book, or order the paperback.

Technology Tip of the Week

Are you “LinkedIn”? is a great way to stay in touch with all your business contacts and a great way for people TO FIND YOU when they search on your skills, expertise, etc.  I look at it as a way to maintain a database of business cards – or relationships with business people that I want to be able to draw from in the future.

These two pages will help you get started:

LinkedIn New User Starter Guide
LinkedIn Sign Up (FREE)

That’s your update for the week… take action today before you forget!
Wishing you Peace, Joy and Love!

Patrick Steil