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Small Business Tip #3: Networking in 2010 and Facebook.com

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My last tip talked about the MUST read book:  “The E-Myth” hope you have had a chance to start reading this… it has changed my life and will change the look of infraNET forever!

Business Tip of the Week

In this month’s Tip, I want to discuss the power of making it “personal”… from your website, to your newsletter, your blog… do your clients KNOW and TRUST you?  Maybe that’s what is keeping them from buying your products or services.  People buy from people they trust.  They can gain that trust by a referral of a good friend, by personally knowing you through networking or simply by reading everything there is to know about your company on your website.  So the question is… are you making yourself AVAILABLE?  Are you networking?  Does your website and blog give them good information so that they will trust you know what you are talking about?  Does your newsletter come directly from YOU, or is addressed “From: sales@yourcompany.com”… people want to buy from YOU… or you can spend $10 million a year in branding so they will trust your COMPANY!  🙂

Technology Tip of the Week

Did you realize there are many ways to generate leads using Facebook (still not sure what FB is… click here:  Facebook Explained)?  Now, I am of the strong opinion that you should use Facebook for maintaining your personal, one on one relationships with close friends and family.  So, you should NEVER do any blatant “marketing and sales” speak on your FB account… but IF your business deals directly with consumers, here are some things you CAN do:

  • Create a Facebook FAN page – so that people can become Fans of your company (note: this only works for companies that deal directly with consumers).  You can use this page to market special events, promotions, news, etc.  Learn how here…
  • Create a text/banner “Ad” on Facebook.   How to Create a FB Ad.  And you can also consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Facebook Advertising
  • And if you have a “widget” to sell, here are 5 ways to Sell on FaceBook
  • Create a Facebook “application” that can creatively spread the word about your company through Viral Marketing….
  • If you want more detail on these, let me know and I’ll do another “tip” on the subject… 🙂
  • Overall, the Facebook strategy should be one of brand awareness and lead generation, NOT direct sales in most cases.  The more “personal” your business is (products/services geared towards individual consumers, families, kids) the more you should be on FaceBook… if your business is B2B, I would probably spend my valuable time elsewhere… 🙂

That’s your update for the week… take action today before you forget!
Wishing you Peace, Joy and Love!

Patrick Steil