Small Business Tech Tips #11: Gmail – Why your Business MUST use it

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Top 10 Reasons why Gmail is THE perfect small business email system

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. It’s always up
  3. It’s super fast to send/receive and manage emails
  4. Conversations
  5. Labels and Filters
  6. Archives ALL emails
  7. Anti-SPAM is superb
  8. POP/IMAP for old accounts
  9. Check Mail on any computer or smartphone
  10. Contacts – sync with Blackberry, iPhone and more
  11. Calendars – sync with Blackberry, iPhone and more
  12. Documents – replaces MS Office
  13. Built in Text and Video Chat
  14. Over 7GB space per user
  15. All email is encrypted for security
  16. Keyboard Shortcuts
  17. Google Labs
  18. You can have ALL OF THE ABOVE for your OWN DOMAIN!  CONTACT US to set this up for your BUSINESS!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself… these are the Top 18 Reasons Why we love Gmail for the Small Business Person’s email system… there are many more reasons also!  Learn more about these features by watching the videos below created by other individuals who love Gmail also!


Video #1-Intro Video – Setup, Sending Emails, Managing Contacts


Video #2 – Retrieve email from other POP3/IMAP accounts , Using Gmail Filters and Labels, Gmail Conversations, Archiving Emails, Managing Spam

Note:  DO NOT SET YOUR PASSWORDS to “password” as the author of this Video suggests 🙂


Video #3 – Gmail Search and some Power Settings

Gmail Advanced Search Help Page

Also, I would recommend adding your Facebook, Twitter and URL’s to your signature line if you have these and they are appropriate for your Gmail email address.  In other words, if this is your WORK email, only include work related Facebook, Twitter and URL’s.


Video #4: Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts – work even faster!


And remember, as Reason #18 specified, we can help you set all this up for your own BUSINESS DOMAIN.  Google has a service called Google Apps for Domains that allows you to set this up for your OWN domain.  Now the technical aspects of this can get a little tricky, so feel free to ask for HELP and we would be willing to set this up for YOUR business without cost!  Just fill out the CONTACT US form and mention this blog article to get it for free!

Wishing you Peace, Joy and Love,
Patrick Steil