Small Business Blog Tip #5: Turn those Website Visitors into Leads with Pre-Selling Content

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Well, have you started up that newsletter yet?   Get motivated and get that going… you need a “system” in place to help you convert leads into customers.  How many people do you meet and you just know they need what you have to offer, but they don’t buy… maybe the timing just isn’t right?  So your newsletter allows you to continue the conversation with them and to help make sure they don’t forget about you!  🙂

Our technology tip for today is related to this… there is a powerful tool that many of us over look… that is the power of “pre-selling”.

Business and Technology Tip of the Week

Pre-Selling is what you do to take a website “visitor” (a prospect) to being someone who wants to learn more directly from you (a lead) and gives you their contact information to allow this.

In other words, people like to buy from people they KNOW and TRUST.  Your website can be used to truly share with them your goals, experience and knowledge so that they will become comfortable speaking with you further.

So how do you do this?   You add PLENTY of content on your website that is all aimed at HELPING this “interested” person.

This could be advice, this could be sharing with them proven methods for using your products and services, it can be testimonials, it can be a frequently asked questions page, it can be VIDEO (very powerful tool).  In other words, don’t necessarily focus on the direct hard sell – or you will come off as that cold calling salesman that interrupts your dinner!  Show them you have a heart for helping them and that the product or service you have to offer is of value… and then continually ask them to join your newsletter to find out more!

When you get the notification that they signed up for your newsletter, you have successfully converted that “visitor” who is simply interested, to a “lead” that you can then continue the conversation with.  SUCCESS!

That’s your Small Business Tip for the week… take action today before you forget!

Wishing you Peace, Joy and Love!
Patrick Steil