Small Business Blog Tip #4: Start an Email Newsletter!

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Happy New Year to All!  Are you excited about 2010??!  We are here at infraNET.  Our New Years Resolution?  To GIVE MORE!   We want to help Small Businesses all over North Texas, grow and become more successful than ever!

So last week we talked about the power of “making it personal”… hope you are starting to think about how best to do that!  Also, we discussed strategies for generating leads using Facebook.
Business and Technology Tip of the Week
Today’s Tip is related to our last one: “making it personal” and is both a business strategy and technology tip!

Do you have an email newsletter?  An email newsletter is your #1 way to keep the conversation going with your prospective, new and existing clients!  We have discussed networking being such a powerful tool for the small business owner, but the fact is that if we meet someone who NEEDS our services, but doesn’t NEED them “right now”, and we don’t continually follow up with them, we may lose their business when they are ready.  Your email newsletter will keep you in front of them so that when they are ready to purchase, they will remember to contact you!

A few newsletter tips:

  1. IMPORTANT: Don’t add anyone to your email list that won’t reasonably expect to get an email from you.  Otherwise it is just spam.
  2. Send the email from YOU or someone in your organization that will be the “face” of the company… people like to buy from people, not businesses.
  3. Make the subject line instill a sense of “urgency” so that they will open it “today” and not put it off.
  4. Use a professional email management service like Constant Contact (I personally recommend them) to ensure your emails are delivered and not reported as SPAM by receiving email servers.  (If you want to receive a 60 day free trial and a bonus $30 credit with Constant Contact, you can click here to sign up with them).
  5. Make sure your email newsletter content is also being created as content on your website via a blog, or adding it as an article on your site.  These newsletters are being posted to our NEW website that will be launched later this month!
  6. Plan out your newsletters in advance.  Constant Contact will allow you to schedule the sending of your emails in advance.
  7. Contact me if you need help getting this started!  🙂

That’s your small business technology TIP for the week… take action today before you forget!
Wishing you Peace, Joy and Love in 2010!
Patrick Steil