Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to Build Trust

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I always review the LinkedIn profile of people I am meeting / networking with, doing business with, etc.  The things I look for are a sense of who is working at the company, do they have good recommendations, do they have a trustworthy background, etc.  In other words a LinkedIn profile can be a great way for me to determine how well I “trust” the person I am dealing with.

Conversely, your LinkedIn profile gives YOU a great opportunity to try and build trust quickly with the people that want to do business with YOU!So here are my recommendations for optimizing your LinkedIn profile:

1.  Have everyone in your company create a profile and link them to the company.
2.  Solicit recommendations from all your clients from within LinkedIn
3.  Make sure your title accurate and “client friendly”
4.  Always use a professional photo of a person, NOT a logo!
5.  List the 4-5 bullet points as to what makes this person a great asset to the company and how he/she can help clients working with you.
6.  Get a professional executive resume writer to optimize the content of your profile.  I HIGHLY recommend Holly Reslink at EmpowerLink.  She optimized mine!  http://linkedin.com/in/pmsteilAlso, here are 8 more LinkedIn Optimizations to look at from the Social Examiner: