Facebook Branch Out

Do you want to Link In or Branch Out? Facebook for your Business Contacts!

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I have been telling clients for several years, that LinkedIn needs to incorporate their social media platform into Facebook before someone else does.

In other words, I dreamed about a way to connect with my business associates on Facebook that was separate from my own group of “friends and family”.  I prefer to keep all my business contacts on LinkedIn and only have personal friends and family on my Facebook friends list.

Well, there is a now a way to do this and its called BranchOut.  Once I connected to their Facebook app, I had imported my professional LinkedIn profile within 1 minute.  I am then able to “invite” friends to become part of my network just like on LinkedIn.

I am still playing around with this, but it looks like my dreams may have come true, and it could mean BAD things for LinkedIn in a few years.  LinkedIn has the momentum and the market share, but we all know in these days, market share can shift QUICKLY from one company to another.

And hey, I will keep my LinkedIn profile, so you can connect with me there or sign up for BranchOut and then search for my name and add me – Patrick Steil !  🙂

By the way, I found out about BranchOut from this article on Fast Company about it that I found while checking the latest news on my new EVO using a very cool news reader called Pulse.