We are all about YOU!

My wife Tyra and I started infraNET back in 1994. That's over 20 YEARS!

We survived the "dot com bust", 9/11 and the 2008 recession. We are still here and doing better than ever.

I am extremely proud that we went from knowing ZERO about how to run a business, to having made MILLIONS over the years, have raised SIX boys and currently RUN our business while travelling the country in an RV (since August of 2015).

Who we are.

This is our first level team that you will interact with on a regular basis. We live to serve you! We TRY to keep up with technology so that you don't have to!


Owner, Chief Digital Marketing Strategist


Owner, CFO, Project Manager


Content Project Manager


Technical Project Manager


We believe that the "Design" of your BUSINESS MODEL and your MARKETING PLAN are the most important aspects of your SUCCESS! We will help you solidify these into an actionable plan!


Once the BUSINESS MODEL and MARKETING PLAN are solid, we execute in a systematic, step by step approach that works on building a solid marketing FOUNDATION and then grows from there.


Now comes the hard part! Getting it done! We have built a team of hard working, integrity-filled, customer oriented folks that will serve your needs above all else.


The advantage to Internet Marketing today is that just about EVERYTHING can be measured and analyzed. Decision can then be made on what is working, what isn't and direction can change quickly.